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You want Results? Listen to people JUST LIKE YOU that have achieved the goals you have been chasing for years!

This page is dedicated to our wonderful members of Gator CrossFit.  Some have been with us for awhile and others not so long. From all walks of life; young and mature, athletic and non, beginners to advanced. We have seen tremendous changes for the better from everybody.  We welcome people to share their story on their successes and what this Gator CrossFit Health and Fitness program has meant to them.  Some are video testimonials, others are written, everyone of them is real…

Stacey Fox-Alvarez, age 27, Veterinarian

Amie Spooner, age 38, Mother of three, our November Athlete of the Month

Jon Bailey, Beginner and super cool guy

Lisa Barnhardt and Jane Southworth, Mid-40’s and Fit

Mindy Bailey, New mother, started in our Gator Ramp program

Anna Olcese, age 39, Editor in local Magazine and Mother

Daniel Sarkis, age 28, Business Owner and just a cool guy

Linda Palmer, age 63, My mom and a super fit Grandma

Elspeth Keller, age 44, Mom and Cancer Survivor

Leslie Twist, age 40, Nurse and mother of 4

Cindy Frazer, age 39, Physical Therapist and avid runner

Cindy's Experience with Paleo Nutrition from Aaron Palmer on Vimeo.

Shannon Stockton, age 19, Distance runner and Student

John Raimer, age 31, former Marine

Greg Mullaley, age 58, former Law Enforcement, retiree

Holiday Hogg, age 25, Martial Art expert

Rick Turner, age 34, Police Officer

Tanner Lee, age 23, Airforce Officer and overall Top Dog at the Gator CrossFit Games

Via Enneking, age 53, October Athlete of the Month winner

Neal Hines, age 46, From no previous experience, ever... to strong and on his way!

Debby, age 52, Talks about becoming Athlete of the Month for the second time

CJ and Donald, ages 21 and 19, Future Marines

Jesse, age 34, talking about his Gator Ramp experience

Alan, age 37, Father of 3, Likes to toss the Frisbee

Becky, age 53, Overall bad-ass (You can see her written testimonial down this page)

Leah, age 55, Super cool lady (you can see her written testimonial down this page)

Amy Pazzalia, age 38, Nurse, Mother and Holder of the Household

014I joined Gator CrossFit in 2012 at the age of 37, motivated purely by vanity – I was looking for something that would whip me into shape for the 20-year high school reunion looming around the corner!  Why I chose CrossFit is still a mystery to me, as I fit none of the stereotypes I had in my head of “CrossFitters”:  I have no aspirations to become an endurance athlete; I am not training for a competitive sporting event; I am not former military looking for a way to maintain my elite fitness.   I am a wife, a mother of two preschoolers, a medical professional, a freelance writer, and a community volunteer who sometimes struggles to find the energy to prepare a cooked meal for my family at the end of a busy day.  I never imagined, stepping into Gator CrossFit for the first time, that I would encounter so many people who used to be much like me, but had transformed their bodies and lives in a few hours each week!   CrossFit workouts are like none I have ever encountered, incorporating strength, core, agility and mobility, cardiovascular endurance, and a healthy dose of competition into what is almost always the hardest and most exhilarating 60 minutes of my day.

 I have discovered along the way the truth in the statement that “CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing.”  This approach is sometimes criticized by those who claim that athletes must specialize to gain elite fitness.  While I think this criticism is, for lack of a better term, hogwash (there are plenty of elite endurance athletes next to me in the gym every day), the bottom line is that I don’t work out because I want to run a marathon, or join a competitive team sport, or become an Olympic weightlifter .  Although these are all noble reasons to train, I CrossFit because I need the cardiovascular endurance to run a few miles along side my 5 year old as he rides his bike to and from school, the agility to catch him as he swerves, and the strength to carry him home when he scrapes his knee.  I CrossFit because I need stamina to take care of a home and family; I need energy to work 12-hour shifts in a bustling medical oncology practice; and I need an outlet for the stress that comes with caring for terminally ill patients.  So although I have already met my initial goal of fitting into my skinny jeans (which, by the way, have been replaced by a pair two sizes smaller), I continue to CrossFit, in sum, because it makes me a better me.

Becky, age 53, Busy bee worker and Overall fellow bad-ass, been training for over 8 years

I starting working with Aaron as a personal trainer 8 years ago and followed Aaron to Gator Crossfit.  In 2008, because of many personal issues, I decided to take time off from most of everything in my life, except for my job.  I stopped working out and exercising, enjoying much of anything.   In January 2009, I decided I had enough and joined Gator Crossfit group classes.   At 52 years of age, you can image how my body changed after not using it for a year, so I pretty much had to start back with basics.   It's now December, and I have to say I feel I'm back to about 90% from where I was before!  I don't think there's any other program that would have given me such fast and strong results as Cross Fit!   The group classes are great…full of energy, fun, lots of sweat and teamwork, as well as plenty of personal, one-one-one challenges.   I'm almost twice the age of most of the athletes who train here, but I'm able to keep up pretty well.  It's the training and experience I get with Cross Fit that's gotten me this far.  I've shared the program with friends, one who quickly joined the CrossFit family too!  I can't find a better place to push myself to the highest level and feel great getting there!    I love it!


Davida, age 66, Former dancer, world traveler and our SloBody Infused Yoga instructor

Gator Crossfit is the best physical workout EVER!  As a lifelong exercise enthusiast, one who always pushes for perfection whether working as a ballet dancer and yoga teacher or training for marathons or showing a reining horse, I highly recommend Crossfit for all stages of life, especially those in their 60’s…like me.  Crossfit combines cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics and calisthenics movements – all reminiscent of child’s play like jump rope, hop-scotch, running and jumping off the ground onto a box. It challenges body and mind, sets new goals and brings immense pride when once unattainable goals are reached.

Give yourself the gift of fitness. Let the trainers at Gator CrossFit make 2010 year your best year ever!


Amir, age 47, Avid runner, been CrossFitting for over 2 years

Aaron Palmer has been my personal trainer for a year and a half.  When I started working with Aaron, I had severe back problems and consequently I could not even run short distances, do squats, and in general, my level of weight lifting ability was quite limited.  More importantly, as a professor at UF, I sometimes have to teach three consecutive classes; and after six hours of teaching, I could not stand up straight.  Often the pain was so intense that I would go straight from the classroom to my chiropractor in order to be able to function.  When I started working with Aaron, my level of energy and stamina was also quite low.  After diagnosing the source of my problems, which was aparantly more in my legs than in my back, Aaron carefully designed a specific training program to stregthen my back and legs.  He taught me how to stretch appropriately and then gradually increased the range of exercises I could do.  By setting specific and difficult goals for me to acheive, Aaron also increased the weights I could lift ten-fold.  Today, after only a year and a half, I have no back problems and I manage to teach for six hours straight without any problems.  Last weekend I did 225 body squats, 150 push-ups, 75 deadlifts of 80lbs in 20 minutes on Saturday and I ran five miles on Sunday.  Aaron also involved me in CrossFit training and I manage to keep up in the group work-out with guys half my age -- some of which are ROTC's.  In one of the CrossFit sessions I even came up at the top.  I feel well and healthy and my level of energy has improved tremendously.  I know that a lot of these improvements are a result of my hard work, but I could not have done it without Aaron.


Karen, age 39, Nurse, been CrossFitting for 3 years, Athletic and Strong

During my first 8 weeks with Aaron I lost 25 pounds and many inches.  That was over 4 years ago, and I am still the same weight!!  I have never felt stronger and healthier.  Aaron is passionate about fitness and it shows and it shows from the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session.  His easygoing, friendly personality creates a relaxed atmosphere.  Every workout is challenging and definately not boring.  Even when I has surgery, twice, Aaron designed workouts that kept me motivated and in shape during my rehab.  If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Aaron and Gator CrossFit will help you achieve your goals.