Gator Ramp- Get started in a group!

Jump Start your fitness and reach new heights with CrossFit. Learn the proper form and technique and ensure your success with Gator Ramp  Intro to CrossFit  Classes!

Are you looking for a workout program that gets results? Would the motivation, energy and professional coaching hold you accountable to finally achieve success in 2014?

It’s time to create your Own success story and achieve the fitness goals you have desired for years.

Get CrossFit in a group of your fellow peers

Get CrossFit in a group of your fellow peers

Gator Ramp is our low intensity classes designed specifically for the person that is new to working out, both in CrossFit and in any gym setting.  It is also for those members in our regular CrossFit classes that need more focus on the basic foundations of any particular workout.

Each class will be structured similar to our regular CrossFit classes.  The main focus will be on the very fabric of movements that gets your strong, flexible and confident to do more each and every time.

You can stay in the Gator Ramp beginner’s classes for as long as you like.

You will get the same heart pumping, energizing, sweat pouring, muscle building, fat burning, getting in the best shape of your life workout, with the comfort of your own speed with others JUST LIKE YOU…

When you feel you are ready to move in the regular CrossFit group classes at a higher pace, you will schedule a skills test/evaluation with one of your coaches.  Once you pass, you can then sign up for any of the group classes on that week’s schedule.

* Beginner’s to any CrossFit program is recommended to attend at least 12 Gator Ramp sessions prior to the skills test.

How do I get started?

Attend an Initial Consultation in a private one one one session with a coach.

Schedule a comprehensive evaluation upon signing up to get your body ready for the rigors of a new fitness program.  In this eval, we’ll check out your:

* Posture

* Flexibility

* Core Strength

* Goal Setting

And will teach you all the necessary movements needed to start the Gator Ramp classes.

Start your Gator Ramp classes as soon as possible!

What’s the cost?

The comprehensive evaluation cost $60 and can be added to your membership cost.

The cost of the Gator Ramp equals to be whatever your monthly membership payment is.

These Gator Ramp classes are part of your membership that you have with us.  Please come in for a tour so we can show you the different options.

Group class schedule

To purchase your first month of Orientation and 12 classes without an agreement, please do so below:  The cost of this no obligation offer is $199 for these 12 classes.



Please call 352-332-XFIT (9348) or Email with any questions!

To your health,

Aaron Palmer


Gator Fitness and Training