Getting Started

Let’s get Started!!!

Welcome to our wonderful community!

Welcome to our wonderful community!

We are very excited that you are ready to take your Health and Fitness to the next level.  Reaching and attaining fitness goals can sometimes be challenging.  Here at Gator Fitness and Training, Home of Gator CrossFit, we provide a fitness program that’s showing our members the way towards Ultimate Fitness.  From beginners to the most advanced athlete, RESULTS happen FAST!

For Group members                                                                                                    

1) Schedule your Intro Consultation/tour by contacting us or just simply put your information in the box to the right —–>

2) Your first visit is a one on one initial consultation scheduled at your convenience.  This session is geared towards getting to know about you, your fitness background, goals and much more.  We also want you to understand who we are and what we do here at GFT.

Halloween WOD dress up.  We like to have fun here!

Halloween WOD dress up. We like to have fun here!

Consider this as a getting to know you session, a first date if you will.  Upon joining, you’ll be set up with your very own Personal Coach.  Here, they’ll go over goal setting and take you through a comprehensive evaluation.

You will get an idea on how our Group classes work, the dynamics of the gym, how the workouts are beneficial to YOU.

To learn more about Group Classes, please visit our group classes page.

For Personal Training/One on One and Private sessions, please visit our Performance Plus Personal Training page for more information.

To get started with our group classes, you have TWO options:

Gator Ramp – Get moving in a group of fellow newbies and learn all that we do in our CrossFit program the right way.  This is by far the most fun and sought after program for new CrossFitters in Gainesville.  To learn more, click on the link here.

Foundations – These are just like private personal training sessions except we focus on learning all the CrossFit movements.  These are at a pace that gets you through and onto the Group Classes or Open Gym faster than the Gator Ramp.  You will get personal attention one one one a Fitness Coach.  These sessions will also focus on the little things that get you much stronger, namely CORE assessment and exercises, postural exercises and specific stretches for you.

These sessions are $360 for 6 private sessions

Julie Smith started just like you, now look at her!

Julie Smith started just like you, now look at her!

*  If you are a seasoned CrossFitter, you have the opportunity to pass a Skills Test.  This is one session where we take you through the movements, you must pass every movement without instruction in order to skip the foundations.  The cost of the skills test is $35.

It’s Evaluation Time

We have implemented a new and exciting element to our program that is guaranteed to get you healthier and more fit in 2015.

Each new person that starts training with us will have to go through a comprehensive Fitness Evaluation.  In this evaluation, we’ll go over the following areas:

* Posture

* Flexibility

* Core strength

* Movement assessment

It's all smiles here as people get RESULTS

It’s all smiles here as people get RESULTS

Once your Personal Coach takes you through this evaluation, they’ll provide you with a Report of Findings and a plan of action for you to get your body to optimal health.

The cost of the evaluation is $60 and can either be paid up front or prorated to your membership.  You’ll also have the opportunity to add Performance Plus Training to your membership so that you and your Personal Coach can work together to ensure your progress and success.

Please put your information in the box to the upper right so we can schedule you for your tour and free workout with us!

To your health,

Aaron Palmer