Open Gym Membership

You want CrossFit and you want it at a SUPER LOW rate? How about train on your own time? Come do EVERY single CrossFit workout and take your fitness to the next level!

We have all those solutions to budget concerns, time constraints and the ability to every WOD…

Keith looking strong on his Snatch during the Gator CrossFit’s One Big WOD event

You love to workout, take part in some workout at the local gym and push the pace a little.  You understand the benefits of High Intensity, constantly varied workouts that come with the CrossFit methods.  The energy and euphoric feeling that comes from completing a particular CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) is what makes you come back for more.

One of your daily tasks is to check the website for that days workout but when doing so, you run into a problem…

The gym you train at does not allow you to do Olympic Lifts and to top it off, when doing your own WOD, some one else jumps on the equipment you are using.

This irritates you because the clock is running!

Jeff doing his thing on the rings

Jeff doing his thing on the rings

And we all know that wasted time is precious time!

Well, we have the solution to your problem…

Open Gym!

That’s right, it’s open for you to use and do whatever you want, including CrossFit.

We have every single piece of equipment needed for your training program, but no machines.  So if you are looking for an environment that elevates your fitness, Open Gym membership at Gator CrossFit is the perfect place to train.

In order to take part in the Open Gym Membership, and to ensure your success, you must complete one of requirements below.

1) Gator Ramp Group classes

2) Private Foundation sessions

3) Pass a Skills Test – this includes proper demonstration of all the exercises available to you at our gym

The cost of this membership will give you a peace of mind that your pocket book can handle such a commitment.

12 months – $70 per month

6 months – $80 per month

3 months – $90 per month

If you have a group class membership, you can add Open gym for only $20.

Schedule of Open Gym will vary depending on the day and Class Schedule.  Times are limited on Weekends.  Most availability will be during the daytime.  Open Gym times after 7:00pm will depend on availability and is limited to 5 people during any scheduled Open gym times when a group class is going on. Weekend times are limited to a 2 hour window on both Saturday and Sunday.

Please visit our Online Scheduler for the current gym availability.

Fill in your information in the box to the upper right of the page for a free trial workout at Gator Fitness and Training.

To your health,

Aaron Palmer


Gator Fitness and Training