This page is for our members and site visitors to see what our exercises are all about.  These are video demonstrations of our exercises and are conducted by current and past members.  Our current clients use these from time to time in picking up new form and technique.  Thank you to everyone that allowed us to video and use you for these demonstrations. At the bottom are a few of the Named “Benchmark” workouts that we have done. Enjoy!

The CrossFit Exercises

Wall Ball

Handstand Pushups

Kipping Pullups

Muscle Ups

Push Presses


Ring Dips

Box Jumps

Air Squats

Barbell Thrusters

Rope Climbing

Concept 2 (rowing)

Double Unders

Front Squats


Overhead Squats

The Snatch

The Snatch (again)

Clean and Jerks

CORE Exercises

Hanging bent knee

Hanging knees to elbows

Hanging ankles to bar

Prone Cobras on stability ball

Stability ball pikes

Reverse Crunches

Stability ball back extensions

Barbell Oblique training

The Workouts

James does Isabel

Murph… on Veteran’s Day

DT Challenge: Martin vs. Sally

Morning All-stars to Fran

The ladies do Fight Gone Bad

Ben’s First Muscle Up

Another Fight Gone Bad

Fran Again!