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To view BMJ articles behind access control, you will need your BMA username and password. If you have problems with your BMA online account, get in touch with the BMA support team on 0300 123 1233 or via email.

BMA membership does not confer access rights to other journals published by BMJ.

When you reach a closed area of, click on the ‘Login for BMA Members’ link (see image).

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Then log in using your BMA username and password. Tick the remember me option to get immediate access to the full contents of on subsequent visits.

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BMA library's Medline + service

To search Medline, please visit the BMA website and log in.

For more information on Medline Plus, please contact the Medline Plus help desk on 020 7383 6582 or via email and quote your BMA membership number.

Please be warned that although Medline Plus is a very powerful search tool, searches carried out using the system will not be able to retrieve all that has been published on a particular subject.