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Editorial staff

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Editor in chief
Fiona Godlee

Executive editors
Kamran Abbasi

Theodora Bloom

Head of research
Elizabeth Loder

Head of journalism
Rebecca Coombes

Head of education
Navjoyt Ladher

Head of scholarly comment
Sophie Cook

News editor
Zosia Kmietowicz

Chief reporter
Gareth Iacobucci

Editorials editor
Alison Tonks

Letters editor
Sharon Davies

Research editors
David S. Ludwig

Timothy Feeney

John Fletcher

Joseph Ross

Nazrul Islam

Jessica Kimpton

Tiago Villanueva

UK research editor
Helen Macdonald

European research editor
Wim Weber

Clinical research editor

Jin-Ling Tang

International audience editor
Paul Simpson

Senior researcher
Sara Schroter

Specialist reviews editor
Giselle Jones

Clinical editors
Tom Nolan

Jennifer Rasanathan

Features and debates editor
Richard Hurley

Features editor
Jennifer Richardson

International features editor
Mun-Keat Looi

Global health features editor
Joanne Silberner

Research integrity and clinical editor
Cat Chatfield

Clinical editor (education)
Anita Jain

Consulting clinical epidemiology editor
Tobias Kurth

Senior editor/patient partnership
Tessa Richards

Patient editors
Emma Doble

Amy Price

Henry Scowcroft

UK editor
Tom Moberly

Editor, BMJ Careers
Abi Rimmer

Assistant editor, News and Views
Karl Sharrock

Obituaries and editorials editor
Birte Twisselmann

Juliet Dobson

Deputy digital content editor
Kelly Brendel

Clinical editor (education)
Sabreena Malik

Digital product manager
Isaac Jones

Multimedia editor
Duncan Jarvies

Data graphics designer
Will Stahl-Timmins

Jane Walker

Technical editors
Jett Aislabie

Jackie Annis (lead technical editor, scholarly content)

Niamh Brooks

Sally Carter (lead technical editor, Education)

Vivien Chen (lead technical editor, Research)

Greg Cotton

Jane Francomb

Clare Griffith

Elizabeth Payne

Sarah Payton

Barbara Squire

John Waring

Editorial registrar and clinical fellow
Clara Munro

BMJ editorial scholar
Nikki Nabavi

Senior editor

Peter Doshi

Associate editors

Rachael Hinton

Diana Lucifero

Emma Veitch

Production team

Head of publishing services
Josie Breen

Print production manager
Helga Zunde-Baker

Assistant production editor
Malcolm Brown

Digital production editor
Nicole Poulin

Editorial Production Editor
James Ross

Editorial assistant
Eleanor Bell

Manuscript submissions
Sue Minns

Ben Carter

PA to the editor in chief, and departmental coordinator of The BMJ
Julia Burrell

PA to Executive Editors & Team assistant, The BMJ
Danielle Ashfield

Chief Statistical Advisor
Jon Deeks

Statistics editors
Tim Cole
Gary Collins
Jamie Kirkham
Julie Morris
Janet Peacock
Rafael Perera
Richard Riley
Angie Wade

Visiting editors
Jennifer Leaning (USA)
Ray Moynihan (Australia)
Joanne Roberts (USA)
Charlie Wilson (USA)
Behrooz Astaneh (Iran)