About our Trainers


Aaron Palmer, owner

CrossFit Tainer level 1, LMT, Sports Massage, CHEK Practitioner, Graduate, University of Florida, 2001, degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences

Aaron has been a personal trainer since 2003.  He has worked with a variety of people ranging from the young tennis player, people with back and disc problems to the everyday man, all the way to the recovering 72 year old stroke client.  His experience as a massage therapist allows Aaron to approach each client with an understanding of how the human body truly works, as well as what needs to be done to get it working properly.  As an avid mountain bike rider and Crossfitter, Aaron has competed in several off-road triathlons.  He has been training CrossFit on a regular basis since August and says that he has never felt stronger.  Aaron definately benefits tremendously from training CrossFit when preparing for any mountain biking, triathlons and just everyday life.  When not training, he enjoys a nice day and a golf club in his hands.  

contact Aaron at info@gatorcrossfit.com or at 352-359-0889.  For all the UFL.edu email addresses, please use apalm970@yahoo.com. thanks.


Mandi Frattalone, CrossFit Trainer level 1, LMT, Graduate of University of Florida, 2008, degree in Nutrition, CrossFit Nutrition Certified

Mandi has been an avid CrossFitter since August 2008 and has been training others the CrossFit method since November 2008.  She has well-rounded knowledge of the body and uses the tools of training, massage therapy, and nutrition to help clients reach their goals, whatever they may be.  Mandi received her degree from the University of Florida in Food Science and Human Nutrition in 2008 and her massage license from the Florida School of Massage in February 2009.  In addition, she is also CrossFit nutrition certified.  With her experience in these fields, Mandi loves working with people to reach their highest potential and optimal health.  When not training, Mandi loves a good day at the beach, a run in the park or a swim in the pool, and a good glass of wine.

contact Mandi at info@gatorcrossfit.com or at 727-709-8226


Meredith Hamill, Marketing major at the University of Florida.  Soon to be CrossFit level 1 certified. Head coach for the Olympic Lifting Program and Gator CrossFit Youth training.

Following in her brother’s footsteps, Meredith became an Olympic style weightlifter competing nationally and internationally since she was 11 years old.   Meredith was a 5 time National Champion in her weight class and age group.  She has trained at the Olymic Training center in Colorado Springs, by invitation only, for 3 summers.  While there, she had the experience of lifting with the world’s top athletes in her respective sport.  In 2005, Meredith qualified and competed at the World Junior Championships in South Korea and was ranked Eleventh in the world.  After, she decided to start as a volunteer coach for high school weightlifting teams in hopes of helping other lifters improve their technique, build strong muscles and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  She is a big believer in what CrossFit is, in fact, has trained exlusively with Coach Burgener (The Olympic lifting coach for CrossFit) and is best friend’s with his daughter.  She also spends some summers working with her and Coach in her weightlifting.  She believes CrossFit is the best workout one can do for the body and is currently attaining her CrossFit certification.  She loves helping others achieve their goals and is extremely enthusiastic with her own athletes.

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